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Online Beauty Training Courses

Do you offer online beauty training courses?

Please find below all the courses we offer for online beauty training. By purchasing our courses you agree to all our terms and conditions.

Are the online beauty training courses accredited

Yes , they are all accredited by the CPD accreditation group.

How does the online beauty training courses work?

All our online beauty training courses will expect you to complete all online theory, and end exam (multiple choice), and for you to send in a case study. Regarding our advanced courses, a 1-1 Skype session may be needed, however we do ask you send in your case studies 1st. At Rene Pro, we want every single student to feel 100% confident in the the training you decide to take with us. Also please don’t forget, we are here to support you, so know matter how big or small a question is please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Which online beauty training courses do you offer online?

how do enrol for an online beauty training courses?

Please click on the required image below, and on each image it will show you a full breakdown of the course information, at the bottom of each page it will allow you to ‘add to cart’ once paid you will gain instant access to the online training courses.