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Hydratox Meso-Tox Training Course

Hydratox Training Course Liverpool, Scotland and UK

online hydratox training course

What is Hydratox?

Hydratox meso-Tox uses a lower dose of botulinum toxin and gives clients some of the anti-ageing benefits of botulinum toxin treatments . Small doses of botulinum toxin allow natural facial expressions and movement.

Hydratox meso-Tox is used with a type of ‘Derma Stamp’ which is a cross between injection and microneedling technique


How many units would you use for Hydratox Meso-Tox?

A typical botulinum toxin injection will provide you with 50 units . The number of units refers to the strength of the botulinum toxin treatment. With a Hydratox dosage, you will only use about 20-25 units.


Who is suitable for Hydratox Meso-Tox?

The client will have better results with Hydratox if they have lighter wrinkles. This is also great if forehead or other facial areas which may not be as strong as they should.


Is the Hydratox Training course accredited?

Yes! We are fully accredited by the CPD Group, here you will obtain CPD points on completion of your course. If you wish to check on the CPD website, you will find our CPD details.


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By purchasing the course you agree to all our terms, conditions and Policies. All courses are non-refundable. Rene Academy do not hold any responsibility if you cannot obtain insurance. – we recommend insurance companies Westminster insurance, Insync & Radius insurance. All students must complete their online theory prior to practical session in classroom


WHAT PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE DO I NEED IN ORDER TO TAKE THE Hydratox course (baby Botox – meso-tox)?

Nurse/Medic. Or Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology including 8 months experience in injectables. Please always check with your current insurance provider


Do you offer Hydratox training in liverpool, Scotland and the UK?



What will you learn on our Hydratox training course?

  • Health & Safety
  • Appearance of the therapist
  • Sterilisation & Disinfecting
  • Ergonomics
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safe disposal of sharps
  • Fire Safety
  • First Aid Regulations
  • Local Authority Licensing
  • Blood Bourne Pathogens
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Integumentary System
  • Muscular System
  • Nervous System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • What is Hydratox Treatments and how they work
  • Indications & Contra-indications
  • Injection Techniques
  • Brief overview of Hydratox and their Properties & Injection Depths
    • Contouring with Botulinum Toxin
    • What is Botox
    • Can Botox slim and contour the face
    • Understanding diffusion
    • Micro-Botox
    • Origin of Micro-Botox and its nomenclature
    • Concept of Micro-botox
    • Dilution and injection technique for Micro-Botox
      • The Forehead
      • Undereye
      • Oily skin, large pores and acne
      • Neck & Jawline
      • The Platysma Effect
      • Complications
    • V-Lifting Botox technique
      • The V-Lift Treatment
      • Mapping the Face
      • Dilution
      • Side effects and complications
      • Treatment procedure
    • Meso-Tox
      • How does Meso-Tox work
      • How does micro-needling work
      • Acne and how it develops
    • Enlarged pores
      • Facial rejuvenation
      • Ageing of the skin
      • Wound healing
      • Ideal candidate
      • Equipment needed
      • Mixing your Meso-Tox cocktail
      • How much to charge
      • Contra-indications
    • Aftercare

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