Microblading Training Course

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Microblading Training Course

Microblading training course in Liverpool, Fully accredited SPMU training course. Beginners Microblading training Liverpool

microblading training liverpool

What is microblading?

Microblading, also referred to as Micro strokes, diamond blading or eyebrow embroidery is a type of semi-permanent makeup technique applied without using a machine. Instead of a machine a hand-held tool, similar to a pencil is used that replaceable, disposable blades comprised of many small needles are attached.  The blade is up to three times thinner than some of the thinner needle choices for permanent makeup. The hand-held tool is not electric, and the hair strokes are drawn in by hand in the same way as we would use a pencil.

can beginners train in microblading?

Yes you can, but for those that have never done Semi perm brow mapping, you must do this training course in order to complete your microblading course.

do you need beauty insurance for microblading?

YES!! We have partnered up with INSYNC Insurance – please use this link if you wish to obtain insurance INSYNC INSURANCE LINK – and please use referal code RENE1, so they can offer you the best prices for insurance.

how long is the microblading training course?

The Microblading training is 1 day as a stand alone training course, but for students needing to complete the brow mapping training aswell, this is a 1.5/2 day course. – Brow mapping is imperative to SPMU. All pre study is also available online prior to training.

How much is the microblading training course?

We offer a few options:

  1. Microblading 1 day course = £800.00
  2. Microblading 1.5/2 day course = £1200.00
  3. ALL SPMU 3 Day Course = £2900.00 ( FULL INFO HERE)

are kits included in microblading training course?

No, but we offer amazing starter kits at affordable prices

When is the next microblading training course?

Please see our Classroom Calendar page

Do you offer microblading training course in scotland?

Yes we have our training centre in Dundee

Do you offer microblading training course in Liverpool?

Yes our HQ is located in Formby Liverpool

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