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Online Fibroblast Training Course

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Online FIBROBLAST plasma therapy TRAINING course

Fibroblast Training course, Available in Liverpool at Rene Academy.  Our Plasma therapy training course is fully accredited. Our  Fibroblast Training is also available in Liverpool & Dundee.

fibroblast training course liverpool

What will you learn on our Training plasma therapy training  course?

Please see the curriculum tab for a break down of the course

  • Health and Safety Regulations

  • Sterilisation and Disinfecting

  • Skin Anatomy

  • Skin and Ageing

  • Wound Healing

  • Reduction Grid

  • Fibroblast Treatment on Face & Body (please note this course will explain ‘skin tightening’ – other techniques are explained, however we do not advise mole removal if you a not a medical professional.

  • Contraindications

  • Consultation

  • Practical

  • Aftercare

  • Numbing cream regulations

Is the fibroblast training course accredited?

Yes! We are fully insured by the CPD Group, here you will obtain 40 CPD points on completion of your course. If you wish to check on the CPD website, you will find our CPD details.fibroblast training course liverpool

Is the fibroblast training available for online training only?

Yes all our courses are available for online training only , however we advise all student to check with their insurance companies. For online students to receive your certificate , all online students will need to complete their online exam and send in case studies.


how much is the online fibroblast training course?

Online training costs (please email for any current offer)


Do i need insurance?

YES, everyone and anyone in the beauty or aesthetic industry must hold full insurance for any treatments which they provide. For all our courses we advise all students to contact their current insurance provider, to clarify they insure students in Fibroblast.  We are insured with INSYNC,  Please see our insurance page.


is the plasma pen included with online training?

No, however  you can purchase the (Genuine) Monster Plasma Pen via THAT LITTLE BEAUTY STORE


When will i get access to the online training

Please add the course to your ‘basket’ if you pay via PAYPAL we will have to add the course manually for you, so please be aware of our opening hours, and this will be done asap. If you pay via Credit/Debit card on stripe the course will give you instant access, and will show up on your student dashboard. If paid via paypal the course will not show up on your dashboard.


How Long is the fibroblast training for classroom based?

All students have 36 weeks to complete their online training, which includes completion of their online theory, end exam and case studies.

what plasma pen do you recommend?

We use the Genuine Monster Plasma Pen in the colour white, with two probes and carry case included. If you wish to purchase this pen You will also have a serial number which is specified to your pen, along with a 1 year warranty and CE Card. – please note there are many fake monster plasma pens on the market, the distinctive difference in the real Monster plasma pen is that the symbols are triangles and not circles.

Monster Plasma Pen Genuine CE
Genuine Monster Plasma Pen Included with classroom training course

do you only offer fibroblast training courses in liverpool?

Our Training academy is located in Liverpool, however we do offer to travel to your required location, including overseas


do you only offer fibroblast training courses in scotland?

Yes we do , Dundee Scotland

Do fibroblast training courses teach you to treat at a high power?

The problem with high-intensity treatments is that while the results may be marginally better than low and medium intensity treatments the immediate reactions and increased, and the likelihood of potential longer-term adverse reactions can discourage people from undergoing further plasma tightening treatments. Additionally, it has become clear that high-intensity treatments do not bring significant improvements compared to medium intensity treatments.

In other words, high-intensity treatments don’t  necessarily mean they will improve the clients results, because of this we will always train the student to perform a medium intensity on a client.


What is Plasma Therapy?

Plasma pen offers alternative to surgery for treating skin conditions mainly for skin tightening as a result the plasma pen fires ionised gas to the skin.On your fibroblast training course, you will learn and understand the fundamentals of how and why this treatment works well with skin tightening.