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What is Carbon Laser Facial?

This Treatment is Sometimes called Carbon Skin Rejuvenation, Carbon Skin Peel or Black Doll Facial.

This is a non-invasive facial treatment combining laser technology and activated carbon.

The “Laser Facial” treatment described is a two-stage process which:

  • Freshens the complexion by removing the outer layers of dead skin cells from the client’s face

  • Gradually reduces the skin’s pore size and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Often Blackheads and Whiteheads are removed by this technique

There is no downtime for the client who can return to normal activities immediately after the treatment

Carbon paste is applied to the surface of the skin.  The outer dead cells of the Epidermis will absorb the carbon, but deeper living cells of the skin will not absorb the paste

  • Using a special tip, the 1064nm wavelength of the laser will be absorbed by the Carbon which is vaporised by the Q-switched pulse along with the dead epithelial cells

  • The lining of open pores also reacts with the Carbon and often blackheads/ whiteheads are removed


How Does The Laser Carbon Facial Treatment Actually Work?

The Carbon Powder paste is applied to the skin, this then quickly dries and is absorbed into the pores.

When the Laser is directed on to the face, it pushes the carbon particles deeper into the pores, blasting the micro-dirt particles and oils, disintegrating and pushing excess to the top layer of the skin where its vapourised along with the top, dead layer of skin.

The laser enables a deep absorption of carbon into the skin which in turn stimulates a regrowth of Collagen & elastin.

Do i need any previous experience prior to training in carbon facials?

This will all depend on what insurance company you may already be covered by. Some require you to have a level 3 beauty qualification, and some only require you to have ‘core of knowledge’ ,’Laser hair removal’ training, or facial qualification. – we offer this training.



The Carbon laser facial peel is an exfoliating and resurfacing treatment. It uses activated carbon powder and advanced Q-switch Revlite & Spectra lasers to treat many conditions.

Gentle on your skin and suitable for all ages, it will leave you and your skin smoother, plumper and refreshed.



The Carbon laser facial is suitable for most skin types it is ideal for:

  1. Removing excessive oil & sebum

  2. Refining and minimising enlarged pores

  3. Helping pigment & hyperpigmentation damage

  4. Lessening the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

  5. Reducing live acne & post acne scars

How much is the online carbon laser facial training?


How much is the Classroom Black doll facial training?


How do i enrol on the online carbon laser training?

To purchase the course for online only you can click ‘buy this course’ which will give you instant access to the online training once you have registered and paid via paypal – please note Rene Academy are not responsible and offer no refunds if you can’t obtain insurance or do not hold the pre requisites your insurance company have advised.

All students will have to complete all online training, Theory, end exam and case studies. Once checked you will be issued your certificate.

What machine is used for the carbon laser facial?

There are so many different machines on the market – however THAT LITTLE BEAUTY STORE have a section on Carbon facial machines.


What will i learn on the Carbon facial laser training course?

  • Health & safety

  • Sterilisation & disinfection

  • Appearance of the therapist

  • Ergonomics

  • History of light & energy devices

  • Properties of laser light

  • Tissue effects

  • Creation of laser light

  • Selective photo thermolysis

  • Laser classifications

  • Skin structure

  • Layers of the dermis

  • Skin analysis

  • Hair growth

  • Laser health & safety

  • What is carbon laser facial

  • Client selection

  • Medical history and contraindications

  • Client consultation

  • Test patching

  • Treatment protocol

  • Treatment safety

  • Aftercare advice

  • Treatment regime


please note when booking online this course is available mid AUGUST 2020- 


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