Eyeliner Lash Enhancement SPMU

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Eyeliner Lash Enhancement SPMU

Extreme EYz Training course

Eyeliner Lash Enhancement SPMU training course available in Liverpool, our Extreme Eyz Training course is available for beginners to advanced students.

Lash Enhancement PMU training

what is Lash Enhancement PMU training?

Permanent Eyelash Enhancement. … Classic eyelash enhancement makeup involves filling the space between the lashes with special pigment. This procedure involves only the upper eyelid or the entire eye cut.

what is Extreme EYz Training course?

Lash enhancement places pigment directly into the lash line. It creates a subtle, natural, “No make-up” look. This enhancement is favoured by women who do not use eyeliner, Eyelash Enhancement – Is a very thin line of pigment implanted right between the eyelashes creating the illusion of a thick, dark base to the eyelashes and looks very natural. If you have very sparse lashes, eyelash enhancement is a great way to fill out and create a unique appearance for your eyes

is the Lash Enhancement SPMU training course accredited?


do i need previous  experience to enrol on the Extreme EYz Training course?

No, however we advise all student to contact their current insurance provider, We have partnered up with INSYNC Insurance – please use this link if you wish to obtain insurance INSYNC INSURANCE LINK – and please use referal code RENE1, so they can offer you the best prices for insurance.

how much does the eyeliner Lash Enhancement SPMU training course cost?


is the Lash Enhancement SPMU training course only available in liverpool?

No, we do however travel on site, please email us to ask.


how much is the online lash enhancement eyeliner training course?

please see price below


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