Fat Dissolving Training Aqualyx

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Fat Dissolving Training Aqualyx

Fat Dissolving Training Aqualyx | Fat Dissolving Mesotherapy training | Fat dissolving Hyaluron pen training | Aqualyx fat dissolving training Liverpool | Fat dissolving training Scotland

Fat Dissolving Training Aqualyx

what is aqualyx and fat dissolving treatment?

It is a safe and effective fat dissolving injection or hyaluron pen treatment, which reduces fat cells in the chosen area. It produces long lasting results, which means you can get rid of those annoying bits you don’t like.

when will the Fat Dissolving Training be available?

We are launching training in January 2020, full details will be available on the course.

Are there different techniques and ways of ‘injecting’ fat dissolving products?

YES!! And we offer x3 different options in which you wish to train.

  • Injection Technique (using a Needle)
  • Mesotherapy Technique
  • Hyaluron Pen Technique (No needle)

what are the pre-requisites for the fat dissolving course?

This all depends on a few factors:

  1. If you are a qualified Medic
  2. You have experience in advanced treatments including Microneedling, Microblading, SPMU
  3. You are already qualified in Botox, Dermal Fillers
  4. Which insurance company you are currently with

We Work closely with INSYNC insurance and below is their guide line on who they can and can insure regarding medics and non medics (again we always advise you to speak to them direct as they do look at this from a case to case basis – If you call Insync direct don’t forget to use our Referal Code RENE1)


  • AXIS will accept Aqualyx if the student is insured with us for Botox or Dermal Fillers
  • AXIS will accept Profhilo only if done by MESOTHERAPY (not injection)
  • BEAZLY will accept Fat dissolving products ONLY if done by MESOTHERAPY
  • ISURE will cover for all Fat dissolving (MESOTHERAPY and INJECTIONS) for MEDICS Only

what is fat dissolving by injection?

what is fat dissolving by mesotherapy?

fat dissolving mesotherapy

what is fat dissolving by hyaluron pen no needle filler?

Fat dissolving no needle


Do you offer Fat dissolving training in Scotland?

Yes we have our centre located in Dundee with Nadia Ramage


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