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PRO Hydro Facial Training


NEWEST FACIAL! Also known as: online Hydro Facial Training,  Hydro Oxygen Peel Training, online Hydro Peel Training, Hydrofacial Peel Training, online hydrodermabrasion training course, Hydro Facial training Liverpool

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What is a hydro facial treatment?


Online hydro Facial Training course price

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How do i purchase the online pro Hydro facial course?

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do i need previous experience in facials prior to enrolling on the hydro oxygen facial course?

We Do strongly advise that you complete your beginners Facial course, as without this you will be unable to complete the Hydro Facial training course. Our online Facials training course


is the hydropeel facial training accredited?

Yes all our training is fully accredited via the CPD


When will i get access to the online training

Please add the course to your ‘basket’ if you pay via PAYPAL we will have to add the course manually for you, so please be aware of our opening hours, and this will be done asap. If you pay via Credit/Debit card on stripe the course will give you instant access, and will show up on your student dashboard. If paid via paypal the course will not show up on your dashboard.


When will i receive my certificate?

Students who are studying online only, you will need to complete online theory, send in case studies of your work, and complete the end exam, once passed we will issue your certificate via email. ( you have 36 weeks to send in your case study from the day you enrol on the course)

do you offer classroom training?

Yes we offer classroom training in Liverpool and Dundee – this is another option if you do not wish to do online training. please see our classroom booking page.


Do we get any support on the online training course?

ABSOLUTELY, once you have paid for the course, please see the WELCOME page and email sent to you with all the contact emails/phone numbers which you will need in order to ask any further questions. We will always do our best to support you!

more information

By purchasing the course you agree to all our terms, conditions and Policies. All courses are non-refundable. Rene Academy do not hold any responsibility if you cannot obtain insurance. – we recommend insurance companies Westminster insurance, Insync & Radius insurance.


how does the online training work?

Once you have paid for the course, you will gain instant access by using the email and password you have registered with. Please check your junk box for confirmation of payment.

Once you log in via the student log in page, you will see the courses you have purchased via the dashboard. Click on the course that you wish to begin, and your ready to start! You have 36 weeks to complete.

All students will need to complete all online training and end exam and case studies.


What will i learn on the online Hydro facial Training?

There are 6 different methods to combine the PRO hydrofacial treatment with the machine which we use, you will learn in each section each part of the machine. At the end of completion You will gain a certificate for

  • Hydro Facial Training
  • Radio Frequency facial
  • Skin Scrubber (Black head extraction Facial)
  • LED Light therapy

Radio Frequency Face Lifting, Facial Cavitation. Cold Hammer For Shrink Pore, Skin Scrubber – these are explained how to use on our online training -please read below.


what is the difference in PRO hydro facial training and the hydro facial/hydro dermabrasion training?

This online course covers all aspects. This online training will also include BLACK HEAD EXTRACTION FACIAL (ROSE OLD GLO),THE RADIO FREQUENCY FACIAL TRAINING & LED LIGHT THERAPY

With this course option you will have access to x4 courses and will receive x4 certificates on completion of the course. Whereas if you choose the Hydrofacial.Hydro dermabrasion you will receive just 1 certificate for HYDRO FACIAL.

  • Jet oxygen Peel

  • Hydro Dermabrasion

  • Radio Frequency Facial

  • Skin Scrubber (blackhead extraction facial – Rose gold glo course)

  • Health and safety

  • Sterilisation and disinfection

  • Appearance of the therapist

  • Ergonomics

  • Hand washing techniques

  • About Hydro Facial

  • Consultation process

  • Sanitation

  • Skin, ageing and turning back time

  • Ageing – the contributory factors

  • Free radicals and anti-oxidants

  • Contra-indications

  • What to expect during treatment

  • What Products to use the Hydrofacial

  • Insurance

  • Client preparation

  • Performing the treatment Hydro facial

  • Understanding the skin condition

  • Aftercare

  • Machine maintenance and using Machine recommended

Hydropeel training

i only want to do the hydro facial/Hydrodermabrasion part of training, where can i purchase this course?

If you wish to soley learn about the Hydrofacial/hydrodermabrasion part of the machine , you can do so via this LINK – here you will receive 1 certificate for HYDRO FACIAL training

where can i buy the hydro facial machines?

Please visit THAT LITTLE BEAUTY STORE to purchase a CE approved 12 month warranty hydro facial machine.


Ultimate Hydro All in one Facial Machine -CE UK WARRANTY http://www.thatlittlebeautystore.com


  • Radio Frequency Face Lifting

  • Cold Hammer For Shrink Pores

  • Skin Scrubber Helps Cleaning Skin

  • Hydro Dermabrasion Deep Clean Skin

  • This machine is perfect for those students who wish to train in our PRO HYDRO TRAINING – this covers all aspect of training for all parts of the machine.

hydro facial training

where can i buy the hydro facial products for the machine?

You can purchase www.thatlittlebeautystore.com – CE APPROVED 


Options of Hydro facial Machines and Products

(purchase via www.thatlittlebeautystore.com

hydro facial training machine








how much does it cost to treat a client for hydro facial?

This all depends on what product you purchase and how much you use on each client. It can range from anything from £5-£15 per client.

please read the welcome page once you have purchased the course





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