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Teacher Trainer Course

Teacher Trainer Course | Online Level 3  AET Teacher Trainer course | Level 3 Teacher Trainer Course available online


The course is an introduction to teaching for individuals who would like to work or are currently working within Independent Training Providers or want to start up their own Training Academy whether it be in the Beauty or Aesthetic industry.


Can I enrol on the aet Teacher trainer course?

  • For individuals who work, or want to work as teachers/trainers in their own beauty training academy
  • For individuals who are not in a teaching/training role, or who have just started a teaching/training role
  • For individuals who want to be able to gain insurance to enable them to teach in subjects they are qualified in
  • For individuals who have already achieved some Learning and Development units that can be carried forward into this accredited course
  • For individuals currently teaching and training, and want a certificate of accreditation to help validate insurance for the teacher trainer
  • For individuals who have completed some introduction to training.


What will I learn on the level 3 teacher training course?

  • Understand your own roles, responsibilities and boundaries in relation to teaching/training

  • Understand appropriate teaching and learning approaches within a specialist area

  • Demonstrate session planning skills – plan deliver, observe and evaluate a micro-teach session

  • Understand how to deliver inclusive sessions that motivate learners

  • Understand the use of different assessment methods

  • Understand and analyse the need for accurate record keeping and procedures including internal and external verification

Prerequisites/Before the course

  • You must be a minimum of 19 years old

  • Good reading & writing skills in English

  • A lot of ‘Patience’ There is A LOT of reading

  • Knowledge of the subject you wish to teach/deliver

Will I receive a certificate on the completion of the course?

Yes all students will receive their Accredited certificate via email on completion of the course.  The accreditation Certificate will be issued by Rene Academy with 70CPD Points. The course contains reading,end Exam and lesson plan case study (all online)


Will i be able to teach after completion of the course?

Yes, we are in partnership with INSYNC who will offer insurance to those who wish to begin their own training academy or offer training courses.  Please note INSYNC insurance usually require you to have 2 years experience in the treatment you wish to offer training in.


which insurance company do you recommend for the Level 3 Teacher training course?

For Insync insurance cover please follow this LINK –  However if you wish to call Insync please use referral code RENE1, so Insync know you have trained with our academy


How do i purchase the online teacher training course?

Please click on the button below ‘ADD TO BASKET ‘ once you have registered and paid via STRIPE you will gain instant access to the course. You have 36 weeks to complete the course.


does this level 3 teacher training course offer me a qualification?

This level 3 teacher training course is an ACCREDITED course, and not a full OFQUAL (qualification via awarding bodies) – this Level 3 course will still allow you to teach students if you wish to set up your own academy – Insync insurance recognise our teacher training course. If you wish to be a teacher for outside colleges then we do not advise you to take this course.  However this is a perfect starter course for those wishing to start an academy up and gain insurance via this teacher training course.



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