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ONLINE Brow Lamination Training Course 


Laminate Brow Training

Our online Brow Lamination training course is fully accredited by the CPD accreditation group,  and our online brow lamination training is available to anyone wishing to add on an extra beauty treatment; whether you are looking at training for brow lamination online in Australia, online  brow lamination training from the USA to learning online from the UK and Europe.  

online brow lamination course

What is Brow Lamination? PRO BROWZ LAMINATION

Brow Lamination will help give you a uniform, full  eyebrow shape.  This is the ultimate solution for eyebrows that do not have symmetry where the hairs follow a different pattern, with lamination we can realign the brows in such a way to give them the desired shape you want and a fuller look.

This treatment solves the messy brow issue, creates volume and fullness, while giving you a sleek well kept brow shape for up to 2 months.  With a new protein composition based on liquid keratin and silicone  you can also encourage brow growth by creating a protective film around the hair. 

What will you learn on the online Brow Lamination training course:-

  • Health and Safety
  • Relevant anatomy and physiology
  • Products and equipment required
  • Patch Testing
  • Consultation procedures
  • Contraindications to treatment
  • Different Brow Designs 
  • Correct brow lamination
  • Step by Step using other brands
  • Step by Step Pro Browz Lamination
  • Videos
  • Tips and Hints
  • How to combine your lamination with other brow treatments
  • Aftercare

How much is online training only?

If You wish to train fully online the cost of this course is PLEASE SEE BELOW Including VAT, if you pay via buy this course button, you will be able to log in straight away to the online material.

do you offer classroom brow lamination training?

Yes, we offer brow lamination training in Liverpool (Rene Academy HQ), Brow lamination training Dundee Scotland, Brow Lamination training Wolverhampton and Brow lamination training in Cambridgeshire. To enquire please email us with the form below.

do i need any previous experience in eyebrows prior to doing the online BROW LAMINATION course?

No, however we strongly advise you have completed a brow wax & tint course, and also a brow mapping course . If you are a complete beginner  we also offer Online brow wax and tint course.


Yes! We are fully insured by the CPD Group, here you will obtain 10 CPD points on completion of your course. If you wish to check on the CPD website, you will find our CPD details.

brow lamination cpd

HOW LONG will it take me to complete THE online brow lamination TRAINING?

You have 36 weeks to complete the course, however this can be done as quick as you wish. You will need to complete the online theory and email us 1 case study of your work. Once received and checked we will send you your certificate via email.


YES, everyone and anyone in the beauty or aesthetic industry must hold full insurance for any treatments which they provide. For all our courses we advise all students to contact their current insurance provider, to clarify they insure students in Brow Lamination.

Our Recommended Insurance provider for ONLINE TRAINING COURSES is Radius Insurance. 

WHICH brow lamination kit should i purchase

Pro Browz Lamination by Rene.Pro has Launched !! We have specialised our brand with our training techniques. Our brow lamination kits are VEGAN and CRUELTY Friendly and are used in Pump Bottles. To purchase your kit please visit our online shop.

is the pro browz lamination kit vegan?

Yes it is 🙂 


YES, make sure you take note of the discount codes on the course section at the bottom.

When will i receive my certificate?

Students must complete online theory, send in 1 case study of your work, and complete the end exam, once passed we will issue your certificate via email.

The same certificate is issued whether your trained online or at the academy.

How do i log into my online course?

Once you have clicked on the ‘buy this course’ option, it will ask you to Register with your preferred email address and password (PLEASE NOTE your password will need to include a CAPITAL letter and a symbol)  Once you have registered it will automatically send you to paypal, here you can pay via paypal if you have an account, if you don’t you can pay just via credit card on Paypal link. – Students who register with an email different to your paypal email account, you do not sign in online with the paypal email address, it must be the SAME email address you had registered on our website with. Please always check your Junk box if you have not received your confirmation of training. To log on to the course please use this link: –  Once logged in please see your DASHBOARD and click COURSES , all your online courses you have purchased will show here. If you have trouble logging on please email



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