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Our Plasma Pen


Benefits for your clients using our German CE Approved Plasma Pen


  • Extremely effective for many procedures, from correcting drooping eyelids to carrying out a complete face lift – without surgery, needles or scalpels
  • Rapid, painless and chemical-free treatment – especially gentle on the body
  • Results are immediately visible – post or in-depth skin tightening leads to additional permanent improvements
  • Rapid healing process – clients need only a short time for their appearance to recover and they are able to resume normal social activities in just a few days


Even minor changes can have an enormous impact on your clients.

In addition, you can expand your portfolio of services, adding numerous applications using our Rene Pro Plasma Pen.

Whether this involves visibly reducing acne scars or smoothing out crow’s foot wrinkles — within a short time this simple and painless treatment to combat the unsightly signs of aging will give you a competitive advantage — for just a small investment.


Areas of use

  • Upper and lower eyelid lift withoutsurgery
  • Scar revision
  • Removal of unsightly pigmentation(age/brown spots, liver spots, moles)
  • Removal of skin tags
  • Removal or correction of permanentmake-up and small tattoo
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Rose Gold Glo Facial


Watch this space….. Rene.Pro are launching one of the most effective and natural product to the industry.

What is the Rose Gold Glo Facial?

Using a Dermapeeling Device the Ultra sonic waves through with cavitation which help to lift, hydrate, and protect the skin’s surface.

Dermapeeling lifts by exfoliating the surface of the skin and ultra sonic wave attachments enhance product penetration to support skin health.

Dermapeeling is fantastic for lifting dead skin cells without the friction or abrasion that may cause sensitivities to various skin conditions. Perfect for sun damaged skin as well as various pigmentation that are associated with sun.

Dermapeeling is also excellent for oily and troubled skin conditions. You may perform Dermapeeling on mild, moderate, to severe oily and blemished skins. Ultra sonic waves are designed to increase the depths of product penetration. It allows skin professionals to indirectly affect deeper layers to encourage a healthier skin function. Mature skins, i.e. wrinkles and fine lines benefit from Ultra Sonic Wave equipment. The treatment builds volume – fullness for a beautiful youthful complexion.

The Ultra Sonic Waves are excellent in conjunction with Our Rose Gold Glo Mask, LED Light Therapy, microcurrent, oxygen infusion systems, and many more combinations for your clientèle’s long-term results.

Our Rose Gold Glo Mask is made to order specifically to students who train with Rene Academy.

Get in contact today for our official Training Launch Dates in January 2019! x

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How does PLASMA work ?
Plasma is non-invasive. We use a so-called electric arc to vaporise unwanted excess skin. The tightening effect also continues after the treatment.
Areas Of Application:
• Upper and lower lid tightening
• Removal of benign skin blemishes (after medical diagnosis)
• Wrinkle treatment
• In combination with Microneedling, treatments for scars and acne scars
Our Training courses are divided into several modules. The training course lasting around 6 hours on the 1-1 or small group training, and online training of 34 hours – total of 40 hours theory and practical.
You learn fundamental handling of the plasma pen , its operation and its applications.
You learn about the treatment process and receive support for the treatment plan, sale of the service and market-oriented pricing.
You learn how to handle the plasma Pen as well as the basic technology of the treatment. After the training session, you will be able to treat the following areas:
Upper and lower eyelid tightening
Crow’s feet,
Pigment disorders and benign skin blemishes.
Once You have gained experience in the basic technology, now get ready for more… Building on your experience, you learn more advanced techniques with the plasma Pen, such as drawing technique, line technology and spray technology.
After the training session, you will be qualified to offer and treat the further following areas safely:
Nasolabial folds
Upper and lower lip
corner of the mouth
Ear crease,
Forehead lines
On Going Support 
We offer you training sessions, workshops and seminars. Your personal development and your independence are important to us; you are supported in the implementation and in retaining your customers, as well as the increase in your turnover and profit. Topic extract: Successful communication, Customer acquisition and retention talks, selective telephone calls and preliminary talks, use vs. products and services Sale of complete packages and lucrative organisation of your offers Leadership is self-management, From employee to problem solver Strategies for online marketing, Facebook/social media, voucher business Labour organisation and time management without idle times.
Insurance & Accreditation
We advice all students to contact their current insurance provider. We are insured by Towergate. Please contact us prior to your training if you require any information.
When the skin is cut, penetrated or damaged leaving an open wound, the skin repairs itself by lifting upwards and contracting inwards to seal the wound. This contraction if placed correctly, can dramatically reduce sagging skin and tighten and smooth an uneven skin surface.




Course Level:  René Academy Certificate , CPD and British Beauty Group Accreditation

Course Duration: 40 hours total. Online Prestudy  – 1 full day our training centre, assessments and end exam

Entry Level: Level 3 Beauty / Micro Pigmentation & Level 3 A&P/ Level 4  or equivalent  ( Proof required)

When & Where? Liverpool at Oh Darlin’

Maximum class size ? 4

What will I need to bring? Wear Salon Attire and hair tied back

Course Price : £1495.00 with beginners pen for training – THIS IS A FREE PEN ONLY WITH TRAINING

Device + Course Price : £2995.00 for CE German Advanced Plasma Pen

René Academy offer finance options and Payment Plans

Payment Plans via GoCardless – £500 a month direct debit – contract – 3 months interest free
Our Advanced PLASMA Pen has full CE Approval, which is made in Germany- CE Certificate is available on request. Our pens are made per order, so if you would like to purchase this pen, a minimum of 2 weeks is needed if not in stock. – Colour BLACK (comes with carry case and 10 needles)
Beginners Plasma Pen
Our beginners Plasma Pen is a FREE Pen offered to you in training, you have the option to take this home and keep , or you have to option to purchase a pen online.
Many Students feel they like to use this pen as a starting option, and once feel confident , you have the option to purchase the CE German Pen at a discounted cost.
Liverpool – HQ Training Centre at Oh’Darlin